There's work, and there's life after work

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Help **your colleagues** live their **best life** after work

Most financial wellness programmes focus on day to day money management: Dealing with debt, managing money better and effective budgeting. This is important but, as people age, preparing for the transition to retirement, or life after work as people increasingly describe it, usually becomes their main financial worry.

We’re not suggesting other wellness programmes don’t have content on retirement planning, but we do believe the depth and breadth of our support is incomparable. We’ve developed an innovative, new approach that makes planning for life after work simple. The outcome of intensive research and user testing. There are two parts to the proposition and both are unique in their own way.

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Destination Retirement

Destination Retirement is an innovative, new approach to planning life after work. It helps employees establish goals and structure their finances, tax efficiently, to meet those goals. And when it's time to put their plan into action, we can make it all happen. What's more, the plan is flexible and can be adjusted when things don't quite work out. Destination Retirement takes the hard work out of financial planning.

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Pension Buddy

Pension Buddy provides valuable information and guidance for people starting to plan for their life after work. Our unique Pension Buddy Plan makes it easy to find the information they need quickly. Whilst our Pension Buddy Retirement Health Check answers the 5 crucial questions anyone planning their retirement should address. What's more, everything has been developed to be simple and easy to read.

Our **experience**

Our financial wellness proposition has been developed by HUB Financial Solutions, part of Just Group plc. Just Group is a FTSE 250 company focused exclusively on the UK retirement income market. We have a longstanding track record of providing benefit solutions for companies and are experienced at helping employers implement these services to achieve their objectives. This includes advisory support and service design plus communications content and installation support.

Put us to the **test**

Let us demonstrate how innovative our new proposition is and how it can make a difference to the way your colleagues prepare for their transition towards retirement.

We have years of experience working with a wide range of employers across the UK, from some of the biggest FTSE100 companies to medium sized organisations, to help them improve their employee benefit solutions. We are focused on meeting your commercial objectives and provide support to help you with the design and implementation.

  • Advisory: We'll explore options for how our financial wellness programme could be introduced across your company. We’ll listen carefully to your priorities and objectives and work closely with you to develop a solution that fits your requirements.
  • Service design: We work directly with the employee benefit professionals and technology team inside companies and with your company benefit advisers. Together we'll create the service design and implementation plan that works to achieve your objectives.
  • Communications: We're experienced at developing employee communications to achieve our client’s objectives. So whatever the shape and size of your business we are confident together we can develop an effective communication programme.
  • Delivery: We are extremely proud of our service, and also how we work with our clients to ensure the service is delivered seamlessly to achieve the benefits you are targeting for your company.

Together we’ll make sure your colleagues are financially fit for their life after work.

Who should be interested?

In short, any company with over 1000 employees interested in preparing their colleagues for their life after work. It’s completely free to set up and install. Even if you already have a wellness programme, our service can complement existing arrangements. So if you have responsibility for your company’s wellness or employee benefit programme, we’d love to hear from you.

Register your interest for our webinar

Join Adrian Cooper, business development director at HUB Financial Solutions, at our webinar event, where he will explore how introducing financial wellness services is becoming a priority for employers. Key topics include:

  • The impact the government’s Pension Freedoms has had on how employers treat their colleagues transitioning towards retirement
  • The complex landscape your colleagues need to navigate when planning for their later life
  • How our programmes assists your colleagues achieve financial wellness during their working life and afterwards - including reducing risks posed by scams and making wrong decisions
  • How our financial wellness programme helps employers to deliver their employee value proposition, talent management and diversity and inclusion goals, and its role in creating and implementing a retirement policy