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Destination Retirement

Tell us what matters most for your retirement, we'll manage your finances and take care of all the hard work.

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Your capital is at risk and investments can go down as well as up.


What you get from
Destination Retirement

Expert help to achieve your best retirement

Personalised regulated advice for you (and your partner) on pensions, savings and investments.

Key benefits include:

  • Helps protect you from outliving your savings
  • Helps manage the impact of inflation
  • Helps you to minimise the tax you pay
  • Manages your investments
  • Pays your retirement income in line with your plan
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Why use Destination Retirement

Why do I need advice?

Managing retirement finances is complex. Getting professional advice increases the likelihood of a better result.

Our advice gives you access to a personalised tax efficient and managed investment plan so you can get the most from your retirement savings.

Can’t I just do it myself?

If you are worried about your boiler you call a plumber. Few of us will have the experience, knowledge and skills to get the most from our retirement finances for the rest of our lives.

For over 20 years the Destination Retirement team have been developing market-leading financial technology and services to meet the needs of people in retirement.

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How Destination Retirement works

We’ll start by taking you through the most important areas you should consider when planning for your future. This will help you on your journey through the service.

What does our advice and great value service cost?

What do I get for free?
  • Explore the costs of life in retirement
  • Produce a personalised retirement plan with our online planning service
  • Professional advice to implement your retirement plan
  • Support with forms, liaising with providers and setup
  • If you have a partner, your plan can take into account your combined income tax and Personal Allowances for maximum efficiency
  • Access our support team by webchat and phone
A maximum of 1.04% total annual ongoing service fee*
  • Access retirement specialists by webchat and phone
  • Update your plan annually, or sooner if you choose
  • Platform and portfolio charges are included
  • Your income, tax efficiently paid when you want it
  • All administration taken care of for you
*The annual ongoing service fee is based on the value of your assets. The fee covers ongoing advice and investment management costs

About Destination Retirement

Who provides Destination Retirement?

Destination Retirement is provided by HUB Financial Solutions and is part of Just Group plc a FTSE-250 listed financial services company, that has been trusted by over 650,000 customers to look after more than £23bn of their retirement savings.

Total focus

We champion our customers and help you with your financial security and aspirations in retirement. We help people achieve a better later life. That's why we exist, that's our purpose.

HUB Financial Solutions is

and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Individual limits apply

HUB Financial Solutions
is part of Just Group plc, a FTSE-250 company