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How are my fees calculated?

Our planning stages are free to use. Fees only apply if you decide to put your plan into action.

See the fees in detail    

Fees in detail

Planning stages

Our planning stages are free to use
  • Explore the cost of life in retirement
  • Produce a personalised retirement plan with our online planning services
  • Option to include your spouse or partner's income
  • Advice on how to implement your retirement plan
  • Access our support team by webchat and by phone

Helping you throughout your retirement

A maximum of 1.04% annual ongoing service fee
  • Advice fee – 0.60% a year. Paid to Destination Retirement advice service for ongoing reviews, advice and co-ordination of your plan’s payment schedule
  • Platform and Administration Charge - 0.30% a year (this falls to 0.20% for any amount above £250,000 per person), for the administration of and access to products and investments that optimise the management of your money
  • Fund Charges - 0.14% a year. Paid to the investment managers for managing your investments

Put your plan into action

Annuity arrangement fee
  • We will do all the admin, so you don't have to
  • If your plan includes a lifetime annuity, there is a one off arrangement fee of 2% of the purchase price. There are no ongoing fees for this product

Annual ongoing service fee

Your personal retirement plan and recommendation is tailored to your life after work.

Our fees are competitive and regularly benchmarked so we can offer a great value service.

Our fees are paid automatically from your assets so you don’t have to do anything.

How often are my fees paid?

Calculated daily and paid on a monthly basis,
with a breakdown on your online account.

Example of the annual fees on £50k pension

Ongoing advice fee @ 0.60% £300
Platform charge @ 0.30% £150
Fund charge @ 0.14% £70
Example total annual ongoing service fee
@ 1.04% (0.60% + 0.30% + 0.14%)

Your ongoing fees will depend on your individual circumstances and will not be more than 1.04% a year.

What do I get in return for my annual ongoing service fee?

HUB Financial Solutions provide ongoing regulated advice and support

The service includes:

  • transferring to your bank account just what you need each month, minimising the amount of income tax you pay
  • allowing you to make multiple changes to your objectives and see what impact this will have on your finances
  • us providing you an annual review of your plan to make sure it still meets your objectives, but you can make changes more frequently if you choose
  • online visibility of your plan and payments with access to our retirement specialist via phone or webchat